Pipers signs pie deal at Lord’s

first_imgDevon-based Pipers Farm has signed a deal potentially worth £20,000 to supply a range of bespoke pies to Lord’s Cricket Ground.The pies, which retail for £4.95 each, are made from scratch in the company’s Cullompton kitchen with meat from local farms that has been hung to improve flavour and texture.Available through the cricket ground’s public bars, the range includes Red Ruby Steak & Mushroom, Pipers Farm Lamb & Mint, Pipers Farm Chicken & Saddleback Ham and, Pumpkin, Goat’s Cheese & Spinach. The deal was secured following several visits from Lords’ chefs to the farm. “We believe there is an exciting potential to build a substantial relationship with Lords based on the USPs of our two very prestigious brands,” said Peter Greig, owner of Pipers Farm.last_img

Food in the news

first_imgl World salt talks have been taking place in London. A salt reduction forum, hosted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the World Health Organization, looked at what is necessary to set up a successful salt reduction strategy. The link to the report will be made available on the FSA’s website: food.gov.uk.l Cookery shows and documentaries are more influential than government healthy eating campaigns, according to the latest survey by YouGov SixthSense. Comments made by Health Minister Andrew Lansley at a conference in Brighton were critical of the ’Jamie Oliver’ approach to increasing public awareness of health and fitness. However, YouGov data revealed that only 10% of adults claim that their eating habits are influenced by government healthy eating campaigns. Twenty-one per cent said they were affected by celebrity and media influence.l The birthplace of drive-thru restaurants has decided to ban new drive-thrus opening in the area due to the widening effects on its residents’ waistbands, reported The Independent (World). Baldwin Park, California was home to the first drive-thru, which was opened by Harry Synder in 1948. The town, which measures around 6.5 square miles, now contains 17 drive-thrus, according to the newspaper.last_img

UK’s first café pre-order app launched

first_imgThe UK’s first iPhone app for drinks pre-ordering has been launched by independent coffee shop Urban Coffee Company (UCC).The app allows consumers to pre-order their teas and coffees, so they are ready by the time they arrive at the shop, therefore cutting down on queueing time. Although cost is one of the main barriers to developing apps, this one was created for the firm for free by a software deve-loper and UCC regular, Scott James Remnant.”We believe this is the first coffee ordering app in the UK,” said UCC founder Simon Jenner. “Our customers are a tech-savvy bunch and, from day one, we’ve used social media such as Twitter to communicate with them. With that in mind, creating an iPhone app seemed like a logical step to take.”In the three weeks following the app becoming available via the iTunes store, 200 users had downloaded it, and over 100 orders had been placed via the app.l See pages 22-23 for a feature article on apps.last_img

Pie-maker Peter’s targets south east

first_imgPie producer Peter’s has opened a 45,000sq ft multi-temperature distribution depot to help it expand its distribution operation in London and the south east by more than 20%.The new facility in Sidcup has improved office and conference areas and increased storage and picking facilities for frozen, chilled and ambient goods. A purpose-made loading bay allows eight 7.5 tonnes dual-temperature vehicles to be loaded simultaneously. Neil Court-Johnston, MD of Peter’s Food Service division, said: “Our new depot should be seen as a powerful illustration of our commitment to growth. “Our ambition is clear – to develop the Peter’s brand within foodservice, work harder to ensure that we always meet our customers’ needs and grow our business through new sales channels. Our new distribution hub in Sidcup will play a pivotal role in helping us to achieve these objectives.”The new hub replaces Peter’s Greenwich depot, which was sold to make way for the Olympics development.>>Peter’s ramps up sporting contractslast_img

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first_imglHot pies and savouriesIt’s all eyes on the pies as we round up the latest products, consumer trends and format developments in this category focuslEpos systemsWhether you’re looking to enhance your sales data capture, improve stock management in shops, or simply get a nice shiny new till for the counter, we examine the optionslBusiness partnershipsWhen it comes to improving buying power of ingredients or machinery, are bakeries missing a trick by not partnering with other firmslIngredientsWe visit functional flours and ingredients supplier Limagrain in France to find out how UK bakeries could benefit from its expertiselast_img

Indiana University fighting the spread of disinformation

first_img Indiana University fighting the spread of disinformation (Photo supplied/Indiana University) Indiana University’s media and informatics schools are trying to help you spot election-year disinformation.I-U’s “Hoaxy” project is tracking some prominent bot-driven false statements and conspiracy theories across the Internet, from innuendo that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris isn’t a US citizen to baseless claims that Anthony Fauci plotted with China to create the coronavirus.By measuring how quickly those claims ricochet around the Web and who pushes them out, researchers can graph how much of their spread is fueled artificially.For each claim, researchers will survey how many people believe them, and whether knowing a rumor is bot-driven changes that. Pinterest Google+ Twitter WhatsApp By Tommie Lee – September 30, 2020 2 328 WhatsApp Facebook Previous articleJudge rules on Indiana mail-in ballot concernsNext articleFord recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles for rear camera issue Tommie Lee Google+ Facebook Twitter IndianaLocalNationalNewsSouth Bend Market Pinterestlast_img

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg to serve as Biden’s Transportation Secretary

first_img WhatsApp Facebook Google+ Twitter (Screenshot) The architect of South Bend’s Smart Streets will reportedly be the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation.Reports on Tuesday, Dec. 15, started that President-elect Joe Biden would nominate the former South Bend Mayor and presidential challenger to be the first Senate-confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet Secretary, if his nomination passes through the chamber. Biden confirmed the nomination by late Tuesday.Mayor @PeteButtigieg is a leader, patriot, and problem-solver. He speaks to the best of who we are as a nation.I am nominating him for Secretary of Transportation because he’s equipped to take on the challenges at the intersection of jobs, infrastructure, equity, and climate.— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 16, 2020 Pinterest IndianaLocalNationalNewsSouth Bend Market Twitter Previous articlePurdue University tuition freeze to remain in place despite pandemicNext articleElkhart City Council approves fines for businesses shirking COVID-19 health orders Tommie Lee This is a moment of tremendous opportunity—to create jobs, meet the climate challenge, and enhance equity for all.I’m honored that the President-elect has asked me to serve our nation as Secretary of Transportation.— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) December 16, 2020center_img Innovation in transportation helped build my hometown, and it propels our country.Now is the time to build back better through modern and sustainable infrastructure that creates millions of good-paying union jobs, revitalizes communities, and empowers all Americans to thrive.— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) December 16, 2020Buttigieg is widely seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, and a cabinet post at this level would add to a resume that many said lacked experience during the campaign.Mayor Pete was mentioned early this week as a leading candidate for the Transportation job after speculation that he was being considered for several other posts, including UN Ambassador, Commerce Secretary, and Ambassador to China. Google+ Pinterest Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg to serve as Biden’s Transportation Secretary By Tommie Lee – December 15, 2020 6 732 U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) issued the following statement regarding Buttigieg’s nomination:“As a former city leader here in Indiana, Pete understands how critical infrastructure is to growth and opportunity. It will be good to have a Hoosier serving in this capacity.” WhatsApp Facebooklast_img

Speech: Global economic outlook: trade, growth and the Commonwealth

first_imgHello and let me add my welcome to London, and to the Commonwealth Business Forum.It is great to see so many of you here, at what I am sure will be a very worthwhile and successful event.One of the core stated aims of this Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is to build a more prosperous future for the Commonwealth, its member states and all our citizens.Prosperity is, of course, a key marker for human progress.It is obvious to all that an increase in prosperity – or alleviation from poverty – at an individual level engenders personal liberty.But prosperity on a national basis can create freedom on a far greater scale, providing the means for states to realise the wider aims of this meeting.I have said many times before that trade is not an end in itself. Trade is a means by which we spread prosperity. Prosperity is the means by which we create and underpin social cohesion. Social cohesion contributes to political stability, and political stability is the essential building block of our collective security. It is a continuum that cannot be affected at one point, without affecting the whole. You cannot choose to have protectionism rather than free trade without there being consequences.If you choose not to have global free trade do not be surprised if you get increased mass migration. Or increased radicalisation.But prosperity is also the means by which nations can build a fairer and more sustainable future.So, although it may be a view that you expect from the Secretary of State for International Trade, I believe that building our prosperity is the most important issue of this CHOGM, underpinning our other aims.I would even go further and say that prosperity and its economic foundations offer a blueprint for the future direction of this organisation.Its members would be the first to acknowledge that the Commonwealth of Nations is unlike any other intergovernmental organisation.It is not a military alliance like NATO, nor is it simply a political entity.It is not an alliance based on geographical proximity, or an international rule-setting body like the WTO.Rather, it is a group of nations brought together by the ties of history, culture, friendship, family, and sometimes language.These ties were not created by design. But the Commonwealth is an acknowledgement that, as much as our countries have been part of one another’s past, we will also be an essential part of one another’s future.In many ways, this is an approach that stands us in good stead as we meet the challenges of an increasingly globalised world.Increasingly, challenges, opportunities and solutions are multinational affairs, requiring co-operation that extends beyond the borders of nations or continents.I firmly believe that the strength of the Commonwealth lies in its diversity. Our members range from some of the largest and most populous countries on earth, to the smallest.Such variety presents disparate challenges, but also a wide range of experience.Likewise, the different levels of development of our members should not be seen as detrimental.Instead, it is an opportunity – a chance to use our collective strengths to support our fellow members and help to unlock our collective economic potential.The UK believes that free and open trade is the greatest catalyst for poverty elimination and lasting economic development.Development in the modern era must be about developing economic and commercial capacity – nurturing new industries in less developed countries and creating lasting opportunity.The Commonwealth, with all of our rich experience and expertise, can lead the world in unlocking this approach.Development should no longer be focussed simply on giving and receiving aid, but on commercial partnership, and working together to realise our economic potential.Make no mistake – that potential is vast.According to the Commonwealth Secretariat, intra-Commonwealth trade is currently estimated at around $560 billion. An impressive figure but, as the Prime Minister said earlier, it is projected to grow rapidly, to over $700 billion by 2020.And, as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, we have the opportunity to re-invigorate our Commonwealth partnerships and usher in a new era, harnessing the movement of expertise, talent, goods, and capital between our nations in a way that we have not for a generation or more.Yet beyond this obvious economic advantage, I believe that the Commonwealth has the potential, and the responsibility, to take a principal role in the defence of global commercial freedoms.In an era when free trade is increasingly threatened by the siren call of protectionism, we have the opportunity to reject insularity in favour of economic openness and co-operation.It is the United Kingdom’s ambition to become the foremost global champion of free trade, using our economic and diplomatic influence to support free trade.This will mean leading by example, and where better to begin than with our friends read more

Statement to Parliament: Government response to the 46th report of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration

first_imgGPs face a significant challenge in numbers and we need to recruit large numbers over a short period, meaning any pay rise needs to be balanced against our aim for a growing number of practitioners. The 2018/19 pay award is worth £2,000 per year to a GP contractor with a median taxable income of £100,000.The government’s response to the DDRB’s recommendations takes account of: From 1 October 2018: Doctors and dentists in trainingAs agreed in the May 2016 ACAS agreement, we will discuss changes to the pay structure as part of the 2018 review of the contract, re-investing any existing funding freed up as transition costs reduce.From 1 October 2018: add a further 1% to the value of the GP remuneration and practice staff expenses through the GP contract, supplementing the 1% already paid from April 2018 and making a 2% uplift in all. This will enable practices to increase the pay of practice staff I am responding on behalf of my Rt Hon friend the Prime Minister to the 46th Report of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB). The report has been laid before Parliament today (Cm9670). I am grateful to the Chair and members of the DDRB for their report.I am today announcing pay rises for doctors and dentists working across the NHS.This is a pay rise that recognises the value and dedication of hardworking doctors and dentists, targeting pay as recommended by the DDRB, and taking into account affordability and the prioritising of patient care.Supporting the NHS workforce to deliver excellent care is a top priority. Following this one-year pay rise, we want to open up a wider conversation on pay and improvements. This is the start of a process whereby we will seek to agree multi-year deals in return for contract reforms for consultants and GPs. We want to make the NHS the best employer in the world.In June this year nurses were awarded a multi-year award as part of a pay and contract reform deal and it is only right that pay rises are targeted at the lowest paid workers.Including the announcement of today’s pay award, from October 2018 a consultant that started in 2013 will have seen a 16.5% increase in their basic pay, rising to a salary of £87,665 from £75,249. Today’s pay award is worth: the recommended minimum and maximum pay scales for salaried GPs will be uplifted by 2% the GP trainer grant and GP appraiser fees will be increased by 3% and we will apply the same approach to clinical educators’ pay; GP and dental educators Specialty doctors (new grade 2008) and associate specialists (closed grade)I take note of the DDRB comments about the particular issues of morale in relation to this group that led to their pay recommendation and their observation on the need for a review of the salary structure for these grades as part of a wider review of their role, their career structure and the developmental support available to them. It is intended that this will follow the agreement of reformed arrangements for consultants.From 1 October 2018: increase expenses by 3% From 1 April 2019: General dental practitionersFrom 1 April 2018 (backdated): between £1,150 and £1,550 for consultants between £1,140 and £2,120 for specialty doctors between £1,600 and £2,630 for associate specialists between £532 and £924 for junior doctors around £1,052 for a salaried GP with a median taxable income of £52,600center_img From 1 October 2018: a 2% increase in basic pay and the value of the flexible pay premia introduction of a flexible pay premium for doctors on training programmes in histopathology of the same value as that currently provided for doctors on training programmes in emergency medicine and psychiatry increase basic pay by 3% The government’s response is as follows.ConsultantsI am committing to negotiations on a multi-year agreement incorporating contract reform for consultants to begin from 2019/20.From 1 October 2018: General medical practitionersI intend to ask NHS England to take a multi-year approach to the GP contract negotiations with investment in primary care linked to improvements in primary care services.From 1 April 2018 (backdated): a 1.5% increase to basic pay the value of both national and local clinical excellence awards (CEAs) to be frozen 0.5% of pay bill to be targeted on the new system of performance pay to increase the amount available for performance pay awards from 2019/20. Employers will be able to choose to use the 0.25% of funding available in 2018/19 as transitional funding to manage the costs of running the required CEA round this year or to invest it additionally should they choose to do so affordability in 2018/19 in the context of a spending review that budgeted for 1% average basic pay awards the importance of prioritising patient care, and the long-term funding settlement, which increases NHS funding by an average 3.4% per year from 2019/20, and which will see the NHS receive £20.5 billion a year in real terms by 2023 read more

Press release: FCO Press Release: Minister for the Middle East celebrates UK-Oman cooperation

first_imgFor journalists Further information The Joint Working Group, which takes place on Sunday, will focus on the UK and Oman’s partnership on areas such as trade, education and tourism. It will also be an opportunity to discuss regional issues such as the conflicts in Yemen and Syria, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.The Minister’s visit also coincides with the Saif Sareea military exercise, which will see Royal Navy ships, Royal Air Force Typhoons and British Army troops train alongside Omani forces in their largest joint exercise for 17 years.While in Oman, Minister Burt will have the opportunity to see other areas of UK-Omani cooperation in practice. These include a venture between the UK Premier League and the Oman Football Association whereby UK Football Coaches from Bournemouth FC have travelled to Oman to train Omani football coaches. Minister Burt will also attend a roundtable with female alumni of UK universities now working in Oman to improve access to education.Speaking ahead of the visit, Minister Burt said: Media enquiries Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Follow the Minister Burt on Twitter @AlistairBurtUK and Facebook Cooperation between the UK and Oman continues to go from strength to strength. My visit this week is an opportunity to see some tangible examples of that cooperation – from the 5,500 UK troops involved in the joint UK-Oman military exercise, to British football coaches training their Omani counterparts. Oman remains a lynchpin of relations in the Middle East region, and as ever I value their expertise on Yemen, Syria and wider Gulf issues. The 14th Joint Working Group between our countries is a chance to discuss these areas and build on the positive investment, trade and tourism relationship between the UK and Oman. Email [email protected]last_img