Dyche proud of relegated Clarets

first_imgSean Dyche refused to be drawn on his future as Burnley boss after his side’s relegation from the Barclays Premier League was confirmed despite their 1-0 win at Hull. “Make no mistake – I want to be in the Premier League so there is disappointment and frustration but next season is for other thoughts after the next few games,” he said. “There is a desire for me to get through today and see my family and make sense of everything. For the moment my thoughts are for my players. “There will be a time to think about the bigger picture, but my immediate gut feeling is that you want to work and progress and learn. “Wherever it takes you, who knows? But for the moment I am Burnley manager and that’s all I’m thinking about.” Dyche insisted his side would go down with “no regrets” after a battling campaign that came to an end after most of their relegation rivals – with the obvious exception of the Tigers, who are now favourites to join them – picked up points. “I’ve taken great pride in the players’ mentality because they’ve been constantly written off every week,” he said. “After 10 games it was like we had no chance so the mentality and focus they had to go and pick up points from some of the super-powers of the game, I can’t tell you how proud I am of them. “There is no point constantly worrying about what’s been done. If it goes wrong, it’s worse when you have that nagging doubt that you haven’t given it a good go and we’ve had a go – but in the big moments in the important games it hasn’t gone for us.” Hull manager Steve Bruce cut a desperately disappointed figure after seeing his side slip back into the relegation zone, with tough games against Tottenham and Manchester United to come. Danny Ings struck the only goal of the game in the 62nd minute at the KC Stadium, but results elsewhere doomed the Clarets to the drop after a single season in the top flight. Dyche signed a rolling contract at Turf Moor last summer and was not in the mood to discuss next term so soon after their fate was sealed. And Bruce admitted his dismay was heightened by the fact that two recent back-to-back wins over Crystal Palace and Liverpool had made him believe that survival was in the Tigers’ own hands. “If we’re being honest, we were nowhere near in all the departments that are required to go out and win a match of this magnitude,” he said. “Whether we were nervous or edgy or tense, I don’t know, but it was certainly a frustrating day all round. We were a shadow of the team that played a week ago, which is the hardest thing to take.” Bruce saw his side twice come close when Robbie Brady hit the bar from long-range free-kicks, while there was also some misfortune about Ings’ goal which came when Michael Dawson was on the touchline with a nosebleed. Bruce added: “I’m not going to make an excuse, but it’s an absolutely ludicrous rule – there was a tiny speck of blood that could have been wiped away with a handkerchief. “He’s got a tiny nosebleed and he’s a big tough centre-half who wants to be in the middle of the six-yard read more

Using “Evolutionary Algorithms” by Intelligent Design

first_imgEvolution can’t be all bad if scientists can use it to optimize your car.  Science Daily said that scientists in Germany are “simulating evolution” to come up with ways to optimize difficult problems.  Using “Evolutionary Algorithms”, they can discover solutions for engineering problems like water resource management and the design of brakes, airbags and air conditioning systems in automobiles.  The simulated evolution program searches through a large number of random possibilities to make numerous successive slight improvements.    “The algorithms are called ‘evolutionary’ because the characteristics of evolution – mutation, recombination and selection – form the basis of their search for promising solutions,” the article claimed.  Solutions that show promise are mutated and further selected.    Conferences on Evolutionary Algorithms are held each year and the interest in them is spreading into other disciplines.  “The Evolutionary Algorithms are therefore a collective term for the various branches of research which have gradually developed: evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms and genetic programming.”Every once in awhile we need to give a refresher course about these reports, to show why the terminology is ludicrous.  This has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with intelligent design.  Calling these “evolutionary algorithms” is like calling Eugenie Scott a creationist.  Evolutionary Algorithm is an oxymoron – if it is evolutionary, it is not an algorithm, and if it is an algorithm, it is not evolutionary.  Why?  Because the essence of evolution, as Charles Darwin conceived it, has nothing to do with intelligent selection.  Evolution is mindless, purposeless, and without a goal.  These scientists, by contrast, have clear goals in mind.  They are consciously and purposefully selecting the products of randomness to get better designs – intelligent designs.  They may not know what the computer program will produce, but they sure well programmed the computer, and put in the criteria for success.  Employing randomness in a program does nothing to make it evolutionary.  The hallmark of intelligence is having a desired end and pulling it out of the soup of randomness.  This is something evolution cannot do – unless one is a pantheist or animist, attributing the properties of a Universal Soul to nature.  Undoubtedly, the NCSE would decry that.  They can barely tolerate theistic evolutionists – the well-meaning but misguided Christians who try to put God in the role of the engineer who uses evolutionary algorithms for his purposes (e.g., man).    Remember – if it has purpose in it, it is not evolution.  We must avoid equivocation.  To discuss evolution with clarity it is essential to understand the terms and not mix metaphors.  Charlie leapt from artificial selection (intelligent design) to natural selection (materialism) only as a pedagogical aid.  He did not intend for natural selection to have a mind like the goal-directed farmer or breeder uses.  To think evolution, think mindless.  Notice that sentence itself is a one-way algorithm.  You can think mindless, but the mindless cannot think.    For a definitive, in-depth treatment on why evolutionary algorithms cannot be mixed with evolution, see the book No Free Lunch in the Resource of the Week entry above.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

Stop Focusing on Cryptocurrencies Problems. Consider its Future.

first_imgTony Scherba is the president and a founding partner of Yeti LLC, a product-focused development and design studio in San Francisco. While critics and proponents trade jabs, cryptocurrency continues its steady march forward.Individual cryptocurrency coins will remain volatile in 2019.The individual cryptocurrencies will remain volatile in 2019 and beyond, but the game-changing power of the technology as a whole can’t be denied. Sure, those trying to make a quick buck in a deregulated market might have clouded the waters recently. But as the crypto landscape takes shape, doubters will see that crypto is destined to succeed.Creating Lasting ValueNew research from Satis Group shows that crypto trading volume will increase by 50 percent this year. That’s enough to overtake the trading volume of corporate debt in the U.S.Short-term coins will come and go, but smart companies will increase their use of crypto for things such as supply chain tracking. These uses of cryptocurrency in other business and commerce settings — and not quick coin exits — will drive long-term value for the currency.Businesses and their leaders should pay more attention to these use cases to discover new ways their organizations can find value in crypto. In the quest to make the best use of emerging technology, the winners are rarely the ones on the sidelines — and the crypto game is no exception.The Bubble Is DeadPeople remembered the big bitcoin crash early in 2018, and they’re now wary of thinly veiled cash grabs hidden behind initial coin offerings (ICOs). Businesses seem to have followed suit. With last year’s market collapse, large companies that previously dipped their toes into the crypto-pool — think Morgan Stanley or Citigroup — have seen those projects stall. In the long term, this deflation of speculative hype is a good thing.The technology behind the coins will stick around, however, and audiences will become more interested in crypto technologies with real-world value and staying power.The bumpy road toward crypto acceptance should surprise no one. It takes time for general audiences to accept any new technologies. Crypto is hazier, perhaps more misleading, but mostly less understood than most other tech fields.As popular as crypto has become, its star applications remain unknown for now. Businesses such as Spot are currently experimenting with new offerings and functions as a gateway into the world of crypto. When the killer use case for crypto comes, many users won’t even know that it’s the technology behind the curtain.Long Live Crypto LawsRegulators are normally slow to move on disruptive tech. With crypto putting so many dollars on the line, though, Washington can’t twiddle its thumbs forever.This year will likely see lawmakers introduce new waves of crypto legislation. If they’re structured properly, new rules could help the industry by pushing bad players out. Good laws will clamp down on sketchy ICOs and clean up some of the suspicions that surround crypto today.Some lawmakers have already begun the process. U.S. Reps. Warren Davidson of Ohio and Darren Soto of Florida introduced the bipartisan Token Taxonomy Act late last year. This Token Taxonomy Act operates to clarify crypto’s exemption from securities laws after it forms a functioning network. The new legislation will also define a “digital token,” paving the way for better laws regarding the technology moving forward.How to Get Ahead of the Crypto HypeWhen advocates tell companies to “get into crypto,” they don’t mean that businesses should start paying employees with Ethereum. Anyone looking to join the crypto movement and get the most out of this business opportunity can follow a few basic guidelines:1. Don’t let the hype get to you.Crypto often makes news because of what it is, not because of what it does.Only understanding what a sector of business leads to tons of speculation and questionable informants using platforms of authority to mislead. Don’t listen to just anyone who claims to be a crypto expert. Those people who claim to be in the know, or who claim to have special expertise are targeting the massive forecasted increase in personal crypto investing this year.As has always been the case in new technological fields — an individual may or may not have any degree of intelligence or insight about how the technology actually works. Don’t get wooed by someone who has memorized some technical jargon.2. Focus on technology, not trading.Crypto and blockchain refer to distributed ledger technology. Essentially, the distributed ledger will allow the creation of secure public records of transactions.The fundamental truth of crypto is not that it’s magic money born of computers; it’s a distributed system of record that can, if applied properly, have beneficial benefits for all of its user in many different sectors of business. The distributed ledger can provide safety for purchasers, where read more

Calling all service providers who work with Veterans in New York State

first_imgWith continued efforts to better leverage the Cooperative Extension System as a force multiplier in Military Family Readiness and Capacity Building, we would like to invite all service providers in New York State to the NYS Veteran Service Provider Education Conference – Connecting Veterans in NYS & Creating Regional Networks.The Cooperative Extension of Broome County and Cornell Small Farms Program/FarmOps are hosting a one-day conference at the Agricultural Development Center in Binghamton, New York on Tuesday, November 27th.At the NYS Veteran Service Provider Education Conference, service providers who work with veterans in a variety of capacities across New York State will be speaking at the conference.Veteran farmers will also be speaking about their experiences using local support during their journey of farming.For more information and to register for the NYS Veteran Service Provider Education Conference, go to: https://reg.cce.cornell.edu/nysvsoconf_203last_img

Mick Cronin May Have Hit On Ashley Judd On Twitter

first_imgMick Cronin with his mouth wide open while wearing a red tie.HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY – FEBRUARY 25: Head coach Mick Cronin of the Cincinnati Bearcats reacts against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane at BB&T Arena on February 25, 2018 in Highland Heights, Kentucky. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)Yesterday, actress and Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd took to Facebook to apologize to Cincinnati’s Octavius Ellis on behalf of her fellow Wildcat fans for the offensive and racist remarks sent to him following the teams’ Round of 32 game. Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin was quick to accept Judd’s apology via Twitter, but he also added an interesting little note at the end of his second tweet.Thank U to @ashleyjudd for her kind words for Octavious. Te’ is a “Great”young man to those of us that actually know him.— Mick Cronin (@CoachCroninUC) March 24, 2015My advice to Ms Judd..Ignore ignorance…And I’m divorced as well (just sayin)— Mick Cronin (@CoachCroninUC) March 24, 2015Was Cronin trying to relate to Judd, or was the Bearcats’ coach hitting on her? We can’t be totally sure, but Cincinnati and Lexington are only about 83 miles apart…last_img

Ontario lost 1000 planned rental units since new housing rules introducedreport

first_imgTORONTO – At least 1,000 planned rental units in Ontario have been cancelled or converted to condominiums since the province introduced new rent control rules, a report released by a group representing rental-housing providers said as it warned of a supply crunch if the issue isn’t addressed.The report, commissioned by the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario and released Monday, said the Liberal government’s Fair Housing Plan has negatively impacted the province’s rental housing supply.Before the introduction of the government legislation, 28,000 rental units were in the planning pipeline, but since the new rules were introduced 1,000 of those units have been cancelled or converted to condominiums, the report said.The federation’s president, Jim Murphy, said Ontario needs 34,000 rental units built a year to keep pace with demand and it is currently falling 6,250 short each year.“We need more supply, full stop,” Murphy said. “And we’ve got to encourage everyone, the industry included but also governments to come to the table with policies that will create the environment for new rental units”In April, the Ontario government announced what it called a comprehensive housing package aimed at cooling a red-hot real estate market.Amongst the 16 measures were a 15 per cent non-resident speculation tax to be imposed on buyers in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area who are not citizens, permanent residents or Canadian corporations and expanded rent control that will applied to all private rental units, including those built after 1991, which were previously excluded.According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation data in the report, vacancy rates in the province have already fallen to 2.1 per cent across the province.Murphy said both provincial and municipal governments could make policy and tax changes to help encourage developers to deliver more purpose-built rentals.“The problem right now is that there has been uncertainty created because of that change and we’re starting to see cancellations of projects at a time when we need more supply,” he said.Housing Minister Peter Milczyn said the province does not plan to change rules which cap annual rent increases.“I am listening to the industry, monitoring the situation, but we’re taking our action, which was to ensure there’s fair rental policies for tenants and releasing surplus provincial lands to build more rental supply,” Milczyn said.Milczyn said he is skeptical about the findings of the report, adding that over the past decade only about six per cent of housing starts in Ontario were for rental housing.“Under the old rent control regime that wasn’t generating lots of purpose-built rental housing,” he said.last_img

Price tag in for potential 2026 Calgary Olympic bid

first_imgCALGARY — A draft plan for Calgary to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games states the total cost will be approximately $5.23 billion.The bid corporation Calgary 2026 says the required public investment from taxpayers — the city, province and country — would be about $3 billion.The #Calgary2026 Hosting Plan is now publicly available. We are doing our due diligence to review the plan to make sure #yyccc & citizens have info about the costs, benefits, opportunities & risks of hosting in #yyc. To view their Hosting Plan, visit https://t.co/EVLyDsrDQu— City of Calgary (@cityofcalgary) September 11, 2018The remainder will be paid for privately via ticket sales, corporate sponsorship and a contribution from the International Olympic Committee in cash and services.Olympic Bid Corporation Chair Mary Moran says these games will be very different from the ones we witnessed in Calgary back in 88 #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018The calculations presented were in today’s dollars and did not include the potential rate of inflation over the next eight years, which Calgary 2026 estimates will be 2.25 per cent annually.A new fieldhouse, which has long been a priority for Calgary, and a mid-size arena seating up to 6,000 were the only new venues proposed in the plan, although a curling venue has yet to be identified.They’ve grouped the venues into clusters – they’re showing a map – there’s one around Winsport, there’s a Foothills cluster and one around Stampede Park – part of the concept to make it easier for spectators and organizers alike #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018Existing facilities from the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary and Canmore, Alta., as well as the ski jump in Whistler, B.C., from the 2010 Games would be used again in 2026.They’ve had conversations with Canmore – which they say could become the Paralympic host – they add they are very excited about the possibility #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018 The plebiscite is just for the city of Calgary – Canmore Town Council would have a vote on November 6. Moran says they are viewing them as equal partners and they’ve been in conversations with them and they’re comfortable with where that is – they anticipate a positive vote #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018Edmonton is under consideration as a possible site for curling.The economic impact on Alberta’s gross domestic product was estimated at $2 billion.“This is the one initiative that will put people back to work right away,” Calgary 2026 chief executive officer Mary Moran said. “It will leave us with legacy infrastructure we can use for generations to come.“It allows us to showcase the great culture, sport, environmental and social expertise we have here in the community.”They’re anticipating 70 per cent of tickets to events will be affordable – sponsors would pay extra for their tickets so they would be motivated to come out. #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018Calgary has not yet committed to submitting a bid for the 2026 Winter Games. City council has reserved the right to pull the plug on the process at any time.A plebiscite asking Calgarians if they want to host the 2026 Winter Games is scheduled for Nov. 13, although the vote would be cancelled if council bails on a bid.Nenshi says city has seen from all political parties a commitment to this plebiscite #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) September 11, 2018The IOC’s deadline to submit a bid is January. IOC members will vote on a host city in September 2019.A Calgary Bid Exploration Committee pegged the price of the 2026 Games at $4.6 billion in June 2017.By comparison, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler cost roughly $7.7 billion.Calgary’s draft plan proposes spending just over $500 million on upgrading and improving McMahon Stadium, Scotiabank Saddledome, the Olympic Oval, Canmore Nordic Centre, the sliding track and ski hill at WinSport and the alpine ski hill at Nakiska.The plan does not include a new NHL-sized arena.The city and Calgary Sports and Entertainment — owners of the NHL’s Calgary Flames — have been in a stalemate for several months over who should pay how much for a new arena.“The timing of confirmation of this project may not meet our bid deadlines,” the draft hosting plan concept stated.“Should this facility move forward, it would result in a significant strengthening of the hosting plan and afford more opportunities for spectator participation.”The security budget is $610 million, which is less than the $900 million required in Vancouver and Whistler.last_img

Cong govt will order comprehensive probe into Rafale deal Singhvi

first_imgNew Delhi: A “comprehensive inquiry” will be ordered into the Rafale deal after the Congress comes to power at the Centre, senior party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, indicating a criminal probe could be conducted into the multi-billion dollar contract.The role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, other government functionaries and private people will be probed, he said and exuded confidence that a Congress-led government will formed after the election results are out. “The day we come to power, just like in 72 hours or three days, loan waivers were taken care of in states (of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh), you will have a comprehensive inquiry. We have, in fact, asked for a JPC, but really speaking even an FIR and a criminal inquiry is not out of place,” he told PTI in an interview. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghAsked if the Rafale issue has struck a chord with the people on the ground, Singhvi said one would have to wait and watch for it but he was confident that people do feel “cheated”. “I have no doubt that somewhere in the psyche of the people it is embedded that yahaan daal mein kala nahin daal hi kaali hai (not just something, but everything seems to be fishy about the deal),” he said. On whether the Rafale deal will be probed if the Congress comes to power, Singhvi said Congress president Rahul Gandhi has already said so earlier. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroad”You can stonewall as much as you like. This is quicksand, the more you struggle the more you will get sucked inside,” he said. The Congress has alleged irregularities in the Rafale deal and claimed that Prime Minister Modi and Union ministers as well as private players were complicit in the “scam”. However, the government has dismissed the allegations of any wrongdoing in the deal with France for 36 Rafale fighter jets. On the issue of Election Commission’s alleged inaction and delay in ruling on complaints of poll code violations by Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, Singhvi said the Congress has made 10 representations to the EC starting April 1 only related to the duo. All the 10 representations can be categorised into three categories –hate statements, dragging armed forces into cheap political debate and campaigning right next to the booth or around the booth which Modi has done in earlier years as well, Singhvi said. “How is it possible that the same EC which bans on the same principle Yogi Adityanath does nothing for 30 long days (against PM and Shah). We have told the EC why are you not deciding. We also added that non-decision is a decision itself,” the Rajya Sabha MP said. PTIlast_img

Big Ten and Pac12 reach scheduling agreement in multiple sports

The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced Wednesday that they have reached a scheduling agreement in multiple sports, including basketball and football The agreement will entail significant reconfiguration of future schedules in Olympic sports, basketball and football to include matchups between the 24 teams from the two conferences. Pac-12 commisioner Larry Scott and Big Ten commisioner Jim Delany addressed reporters in a conference call and said the deal is beneficial for both conferences. “To me, this is a creative and inventive approach through collaboration to achieve some of the same objectives that expansion can help you with,” Scott said. “It gives our conference more of a national platform, more play on the Big Ten Network and higher quality programming on our network without having to expand.” The deal would likely begin during the 2012-13 seasons in all of the sports with the exception of football, which will honor non-conference scheduling agreements previously in place. By 2017, the football schedule is expected to include a 12-game schedule that will feature each member of the Big Ten playing a team from the Pac-12. The Big Ten had previously planned to play a nine-game conference schedule in football starting in 2017, but because of the deal, the conference will continue with an eight-game conference schedule. The way the matchups will be determined has not been completely worked out, but Delaney said that “competitive equity” would “play a significant part.” This likely means that top-level teams would be paired against each other on a year-to-year basis. Both commissioners acknowledged that possible-marquee matchups could hinder their conferences chances of being represented in the national championship, but said the benefits outweigh the negatives. “I think it helps our football programs,” Delaney said. “I think it will engage fans, help our recruiting, help in the presentation of television. If fans follow it, our partners will be rewarded and we will ultimately be rewarded. Although nothing has been decided, the football matchups will most likely take place early in the season before conference play begins. The two conferences are already linked through the Rose Bowl, which annually pits the champion from the Big Ten and Pac-12 on a New Year’s Day bowl, but this agreement furthers the relationship between the conferences across multiple sports. Despite the strengthened relationship, the commissioners said not to expect any form of official merger in the future or any similar agreements with other conferences. “We have a common DNA but a tremendous recognition that 90 percent, 80 percent of what we do is in our region,” he said. “Those who think regional rivalries and local rivalries don’t mean anything any more, I think that’s erroneous…Our goal is to build something new here on a very strong foundation of history.”

McLeish rallies home support for match with Isreal

first_imgScotland manager Alex McLeish has called on fans and supporters to fill Hampden Park for their UEFA Nations League decider against Israel on Tuesday.Despite nine players dropping out of Scotland squad, they defeated Albania 4-0 in Shkoder and now need to a win against Israel to head to the playoffs of the UEFA Nations League.Scotland prepare to host Israel on Tuesday night and a win will see them secure a playoff spot for the 2020 European Championship and McLeish wants to count on the home support at Hampden Park to help them finish top spot in Group C1.“We always try to win so we have set ourselves up as have Israel and it should be a good game,” McLeish told Sky Sports.ScotlandScotland needs a hero: Billy Dodds Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to former striker, Billy Dodds his country needs a hero to inspire future generations as the team’s hope to qualify to the EURO 2020 is small.“We are at home so let’s hope there is a response from the Tartan Army. We’d like the supporters to come to cheer the guys to victory.“If we play to that level again then we have a good chance.”last_img