The SNP has called on the next UK government to fo

first_imgThe SNP has called on the next UK government to follow Scotland’s lead in protecting disabled people from social security cuts.The SNP general election manifesto, published this week, says the party will fight to end the “appalling Tory welfare policies” that have damaged disabled people and other groups.The manifesto calls on Westminster to follow the SNP Scottish government in removing private sector companies from having any involvement in disability benefit assessments, and scrapping the work capability assessment and replacing it with a new system that “treats everyone with fairness and respect, helping people into employment rather than crisis”.It also says SNP MPs will push for the UK government to reverse its £29-a-week cut to new claimants of employment and support allowance who are placed in the work-related activity group – introduced earlier this year despite widespread opposition – and that it will vote against any further cuts to social security.And the party will continue to push for the Scottish government to have full control over all social security benefits.It points out that the Scottish government already plans to use its limited social security powers to abolish the bedroom tax, extend the winter fuel payment to families with disabled children with high support needs, rule out means-testing disability benefits, and reintroduce long-term benefit awards for people with long-term conditions.Elsewhere in the manifesto, the party calls for action to address the disability pay gap, which the Equality and Human Rights Commission said in April was “persistent and widening”.The party wants to see equal pay audits covering disability, race and gender – they currently only cover gender – and to have them extended to all firms with at least 150 employees, rather than the current level of 250, as well as “sanctions, including fines, for employers that fail to comply with the law”.It also wants all public authorities with more than 20 employees to provide equal pay statements every four years, in which they would provide their policies on equal pay and report on disability, gender and race.The manifesto also promises that SNP MPs will “oppose any attempts” by the UK government to scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.And it says that SNP MPs will support cross-party efforts at Westminster to give legal recognition to British Sign Language (BSL), and strengthen the rights of BSL-users.The manifesto also pledges that the party will “work to ensure that there is as much support as possible for disabled people, and people of all classes, races and gender identities to stand for election to the House of Commons”.An SNP spokeswoman confirmed later that the party wanted the UK government to reopen the Access to Elected Office Fund, which provided funding to help disabled people with the extra costs they faced in standing for Westminster and local elections, but was shut down by the Conservatives after the 2015 election.As many areas of policy are devolved to the Scottish parliament, issues such as accessible transport and housing are not covered by the SNP manifesto.But an SNP spokeswoman said that those issues are covered in the Scottish government’s five-year plan, A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People, which lays out the 93 actions it believes will help Scotland meet its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.These include ensuring that each local authority sets a “realistic target” for building wheelchair-accessible housing, and reports annually on its progress, and that the Scottish government will abolish fees for employment tribunals, and will ensure that the seven main criminal justice organisations carry out audits of their buildings to “identify any physical access barriers that need to be removed”.The SNP manifesto says that the UK government should “work towards” incorporating the UN convention into UK law.The manifesto includes 23 mentions of the words “disability”, “disabled” and “disabilities”.last_img

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first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Campaigners for another EU referendum have been given much cause for excitement over the last 24 hours. First, Barry Gardiner told BBC Leeds that Labour would support a public vote if there were a motion for it. But, ever the maverick, the frontbencher had to rein it back in and a spokesperson soon corrected the record to confirm: “Whipping arrangements in the coming days and weeks will be decided in the usual way.” So that was Gardiner overselling, not that moment long-awaited by ‘PV’ campaigners – although it did reveal that he’d be willing to back such a position as a shadow cabinet member, despite having repeatedly indicated that he finds the idea disagreeable.Cue more excitement last night when Labour tabled its amendment to the government’s new ‘neutral terms’ Brexit motion (published ahead of the so-called ‘Plan B’ that MPs will vote on next week). The change would see the Commons vote on ’no deal’-preventing options, including Corbyn’s alternative Brexit plan and legislating for a public vote on a deal approved by MPs. Ben Bradshaw was pleased and David Lammy praised the “big step forward”. Chris Leslie, however, slammed the continued “prevarication”. Why? Because the amendment does not call for a fresh public vote, but merely a vote for MPs on a public vote. As Rebecca Long-Bailey clarified on Today this morning: “It’s not stating that the party supports a second referendum.”What’s more is that Labour’s proposal, while consistent with the party policy adopted at conference, has no chance of getting anywhere. Tory Remainers such as Anna Soubry won’t be backing it, so the amendment won’t pass if selected. Some are even saying that it’s being tabled early by Labour in order to kill off the idea. There has been a persistent theory that, by putting off the decision of whether to back PV until the last moment, the leadership could accidentally strike at the time it’s most likely to pass. But today only around 10 Tories and 88 Labour MPs have come out in favour. If MPs did vote on the idea now, feeble numbers could effectively rule it out as an option.Cross-party backbencher amendments are where the real action is happening. In her statement yesterday, the Prime Minister vowed to be more “flexible, open and inclusive” when engaging with parliament, plus commit to the “strongest possible protections on workers’ rights” etc (à la ‘inbetweeners’ amendment), and solve the Irish border problem. The next steps of the Brexit process will be determined by whether Theresa May manages to pull that off – winning back the DUP, lots of Tories and a few flexible Labour MPs – or she loses control, handing it over to backbenchers such as Yvette Cooper and Dominic Grieve.Sienna @siennamarlaSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:Theresa May /Yvette Cooper /Labour /Dominic Grieve /Jeremy Corbyn /Brexit /People’s Vote /last_img

Juvenile Hall slated to close by 2021 — even without Mayor Breeds

first_img Email Address ‘There’s no reason to have children a tiny cell with a concrete slab and a toilet bowl. There’s no reason at all that it has to be like that.’ Mayor London Breed on Monday declined to sign into law a historic piece of legislation brought forth by the Board of Supervisors that would close Juvenile Hall by 2021. Her decision to neither sign nor veto the bill means it will go into effect anyway, without her signature — it will just take an extra month, according to a representative from the city clerk’s office. “She was pretty clear all along that she did not support that legislation,” said Jeff Cretan, a spokesman for the mayor. He explained that Breed wanted to see a clear plan in place for moving forward, and had implemented her own panel in April that would look into more moderate ways to reform the criminal justice system in California than swiftly abolishing an institution.  Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter But despite her reticence, an end to the jailing of children in San Francisco really will happen, in less than three years. And it’s a pretty big deal. “It’s historic that this legislation passed,” said Carolyn Goossen, a legislative aide for Supervisor Hillary Ronen, one of the authors of the bill, along with Supervisors Matt Haney and Shamann Walton.  “And now we were able to get through the budget the funding to make sure the working group runs smoothly and funded. So I feel very hopeful and excited and ready to delve into the next phase of the work.” A working group made up of community leaders and city officials will be appointed by September. Mission Local chatted with Goossen — who has been working behind the scenes toward this end for years — to find out what’s next for the bill, and what it ultimately takes to create a rehabilitation-based alternative to incarcerating children.Mission Local: What are the next steps?Carolyn Goossen: Our first job will be getting the working group off the ground. We’ve already gotten money in the budget for it! The next step will then be to appoint the members of the 15-member working group. The majority of those seats are community-based, and for any seat that’s not a city department, they go through an appointment process that the Rules Committee will run. We will put it out to the community soon that we’re looking for people to apply for the working group. They’ll have a month to apply, and then we’ll start having people come interview. And those are public televised committee meetings at the Rules Committee. Then we’ll select the working group members. So I think probably that will likely be middle to end of September.Supervisor Hillary Ronen, an author of the Juvenile Hall Closure bill.ML: Can you tell us more about what the working group will be working on? What does it take to create an alternative to incarceration?CG: There’s no reason to have children a tiny cell with a concrete slab and a toilet bowl. There’s no reason at all that it has to be like that. It could be a small, secured house with security and cameras, but that looks more like a small house. There are many options, but we’re really going to bring into the working group people with real expertise who’ve been looking at this issue locally and across the country.ML: What are some of the challenges that you already foresee coming up during the working group?CG: I think it is going to be a lot of work, of course. You want to do this stuff right. That’s why we wanted to give ourselves two and a half years to make sure this can be done really thoughtfully. And you know, a lot of people in the community have been waiting a long time to be a part of this process. It’s not about having abstract discussions, it’s about moving with urgency towards a clear goal. ML: How did you decide that this is so important to the community and where did the idea come from?CG: I mean, this is something that the community has been talking about for decades. What we saw right now was an opportunity. We have not only this longtime community organizing but we have a very powerful base: Young Women’s Freedom Center made it one of their goals is to stop the imprisonment of girls and gender nonconforming people, and close the juvenile halls, youth prisons and adult prisons. So that’s their explicit mission, and they’ve been working on that with formerly incarcerated young people and adults. Then the Chronicle did this remarkable investigative story really exposing the incredible decline in youth crime all over the state; really showing how, you know, the huge amounts of money that is spent. So, you know, the fact that it’s $300,000 per youth that we spend on incarceration. This is a huge issue, and a waste of money that’s happening statewide. At the same time, we’ve had all this research done in the past decade and in recent years on the fact that it does not help young people. read more

JON Wilkin and Kyle Amor have been banned after of

first_imgJON Wilkin and Kyle Amor have been banned after offences committed in Round 6 match at Wakefield.Jon Wilkin was found guility of making a reckless high tackle on Chris Riley of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in the fifth minute of the game. Saints will not be appealing the ban due to recent comments and reports in the media.Kyle Amor was found guility of making a reckless high tackle on Wakefield’s Matt Ryan – he submitted an Early Guilty Plea and misses this week’s match with Leeds.last_img

Police Bicyclist pinned under vehicle after Carolina Beach crash

first_imgCAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach Police responded to the scene of a crash involving a vehicle and bicyclist Wednesday night.Police said it happened on Carl Winner Drive around 9:30 p.m.- Advertisement – They said the cyclist was briefly pinned under the vehicle.Emergency crews got the victim out. There’s no word on the extent of the cyclist’s injuries.last_img

NC declares State of Emergency ahead of Hurricane Michael

first_imgRALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s governor has declared a State of Emergency ahead of Hurricane Michael.The storm’s path is forecast to run through the state where many are still reeling after last month’s Hurricane Florence.- Advertisement – Gov. Roy Cooper said he’s called up 150 National Guard troops and lifted restrictions on trucks that could deliver supplies to the state.Click here to visit the WWAY Hurricane Center pageOfficials have said that Michael isn’t expected to cause the same kind of river flooding as Florence.Related Article: Community gives back to Coast Guard families during shutdownBut Cooper said that Michael could bring up to 7 inches of rain to parts of the state, which could cause flash flooding.He urged people in flood-prone areas to watch forecasts and heed any evacuation orders.Cooper said tropical storm-force winds will likely arrive overnight into Thursday, and that the wind and rain could further damage tarped houses where people are working to rebuild.last_img

Twitter Crashes Outage Blamed on Cascading Bug

first_imgAdvertisement Here’s what Twitter’s VP of Engineering, Mazen Rawashdeh, had to say about its issues, and offers Twitter’s “sincere apologies”:Not how we wanted today to go. At approximately 9:00am PDT, we discovered that Twitter was inaccessible for all web users, and mobile clients were not showing new Tweets. We immediately began to investigate the issue and found that there was a cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components. This wasn’t due to a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today. A “cascading bug” is a bug with an effect that isn’t confined to a particular software element, but rather its effect “cascades” into other elements as well. One of the characteristics of such a bug is that it can have a significant impact on all users, worldwide, which was the case today. As soon as we discovered it, we took corrective actions, which included rolling back to a previous stable version of Twitter.We began recovery at around 10:10am PDT, dropped again around 10:40am PDT, and then began full recovery at 11:08am PDT. We are currently conducting a comprehensive review to ensure that we can avoid this chain of events in the future. – Advertisement – For the past six months, we’ve enjoyed our highest marks for site reliability and stability ever: at least 99.96% and often 99.99%. In simpler terms, this means that in an average 24-hour period, has been stable and available to everyone for roughly 23 hours, 59 minutes and 40-ish seconds. Not today though.From USAtodaylast_img

Gmail makes 10 years

first_imgAdvertisement Gmail made a decade yesterday, the service hit the web in April 2004, and as of today it is one of the most commonly used service to send and receive emails. This April marks the 10th birthday of Gmail.Gmail was inspired by one user’s feedback that she was tired of struggling to find emails buried deep in her inbox. So the company built a new email that leveraged the power of Google Search, said Google in a post.“You told us you were tired of spam, so we set to tackling that, and today your feedback makes it possible for Gmail to filter out well over 99 per cent of incoming spam. You also said that you needed tools to deal with information overload, so we introduced Priority Inbox to help you manage your email (and we’re still exploring new ways to make it even easier),” said Google – Advertisement – See the evolution of Gmail Below.Source and Image Credit:  IBN Livelast_img

Yahoo Unveils Mobile Development Suite

first_imgAdvertisement Today at Yahoo’s first mobile developer conference, the tech giant unveiled its new Yahoo Mobile Development Suite that combines Yahoo App Publishing for monetization, Search In Apps, and App Marketing with its Flurry Analytics acquisition made last year. This is Yahoo’s “ads in dev’s clothing” strategy to convince app makers to buy and host its ads.Flurry now has 200,000 app developers on its platform who have built 630,000 apps that reach 1.6 billion devices. Yahoo meanwhile now has 575 million monthly mobile visitors to its properties and hit $1.2 billion in mobile revenue in 2014, as it predicted.“Today is about building innovative, game-changing applications,” said CEO Marissa Mayer when she took the stage. Now, rather than just make them itself, Yahoo is providing the tools for developers to build, grow, and earn money on their own apps. – Advertisement – Mobile TrendsFollowing Mayer, Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf took the stage to give an update on the state of mobile. He says there are three big trends in mobile right now:A massive rise in mobile shoppingMessaging apps becoming whole platforms, like WeChat’s taxi integration, Line’s games, and Snapchat’s new Snapcash payment feature that prove people want more services from their favorite appsPhablet phones driving a massive increase in media consumptionMobile Developer SuiteEach piece of the Yahoo Mobile Development Suite is getting its own update as well as being tied together.Flurry Explorer And PulseFlurry announced the new Flurry Explorer analytics tool, which an exec said is an “ad-hoc query analysis tool” that lets you “ask complex questions of your data and get the answer in seconds.” The product is free at any scale, which poises it to undercut Mixpanel, and analytics tool favorite around the industry that unfortunately can be quite expensive depending on how many in-app events are being measured.Flurry is also launching Flurry Pulse, which lets developers securely share any of their data with their partners with ease. No additional code needs to be written. For example, mobile app publishers serving ads can send their mobile audience data directly to comScore (a Flurry Pulse launch partner).Previously, developers would have had to integrate another comScore SDK into their apps. This shrinks app size, increases app stability thanks to minimizing code, and removes the need for extra updates. Yahoo plans to add additional partners to Flurry Pulse soon, and is now in developer preview and will roll out over the coming weeks and months.Monetizing With AdsTo give mobile developers a better way to monetize, Yahoo today launched Yahoo App Publishing.Now through the Flurry SDK, developers can integrate Yahoo’s Gemini native ads that fit into different app feeds, whether they’re vertical streams, or horizontal cards. No matter what an app looks like, Yahoo’s Gemini system can morph standard ads to match the app’s design.Last year Yahoo acquired video adtech startup BrightRoll. Now developers can pipe BrightRoll ads into their apps through the Flurry SDK. So if an app features video content, they can easily monetize it without their own sales force through BrightRoll. “Isn’t this great? Grumpy Cat and Big Macs in your app, and you make money from it,” said BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti. Yahoo Search In AppsDevelopers don’t want users bouncing from their apps when they need to run a web search. So today Yahoo launched Yahoo Search In Apps, an integratable search tool for mobile apps. The idea is that not only will users stick around in a developer’s app if they can search from there, but the developer can share in the ad revenue if users click on search ads.Yahoo Search In Apps is now integrated in Yahoo’s main app, Yahoo News Digest, Yahoo Mail and Android launcher Yahoo Aviate. Externally, the Dodol launcher and Solo launcher apps now integrate Yahoo Search In Apps. Yahoo’s Jon Paris gave the example of someone using news app and wanting to learn more about the topic of the article. Yahoo lets them search without exiting the app.Yahoo Mobile MarketingYahoo is tying together its three mobile advertising options for developers: Gemini native ads on Yahoo’s properties, video ads on third parties, and Sponsored Post social ads on Tumblr. Now developers can target ads in any of these channels using Yahoo’s identity data with a self-serve tool. That includes what people browse on Yahoo and Tumblr, and what they do across the web thanks to Flurry’s big footprint.The Virtuous CycleOverall, Yahoo’s platform is a smart play because it dangles free analytics and monetization tools to lure developers towards its advertising products. Investors gave Yahoo a small 1.42 percent bump today as of 3:15 p.m. EST thanks to the launches. This “PlADform Strategy” is what I wrote Facebook and Twitter were aggressively developing last year.Hence, Yahoo’s new platform will put read more

DStv Uganda launches Digital Migration Campaign

first_imgMultichoice General Manager Charles Hamya (R) poses for a photo opportunity with Bryan Muwonge DStv’s Marketing Manager as they launch the mega price cut of the DStv Zapper full kit at UGX99,900 from UGX309,000 Advertisement With just two weeks to the Digital Migration MultiChoice the continents leading pay television provider has launched an unprecedented digital offer of only 99,900 Shillings for a full DStv kit which includes a decoder, a dish and one month subscription on the Access bouquet.The price special which is the cheapest ever in Uganda’s history for a direct to home DTH satellite product represents a reduction of over 65% from the normal retail price.Making the announcement at a press conference held at their offices Charles Hamya the General Manager of MultiChoice Uganda said this is an incredible once in a lifetime price which will only be available for three weeks. – Advertisement – “The digital migration is a major global milestone which will positively transform the broadcasting and ICT sector. MultiChoice as a company fully intends to play its part in helping the country migrate by making it as affordable as possible for Ugandans to move to full digital broadcasting”.He noted that MultiChoice Africa their parent company stopped analogue broadcasting more than ten years ago and was glad to see they had taken the right decision.Informing Ugandans where the specially priced DStv kits will be sold Bryan Muwonge the Marketing Manager of DStv said the kits shall be available at all MultiChoice retail and agent outlets countrywide he noted.“because of the technology it uses (Satellite Direct to home) DStv is the only pay television product that can be viewed in any part of the country as such we have made sure Ugandans will be able to buy DStv in whatever town or urban center they live”.He continued by, encouraging Ugandans to embrace the migration which he said “will be beneficial for the television industry as a whole because it would promote quality digital services and create a variety of business and  employment opportunities across the television value chain”.He however cautioned Ugandans who believe the migration deadline will be extended not to do so because the UCC has repeatedly announced they are ready to switch off and that the migration is a part global agreement that requires Uganda to abide by that date.last_img