Press release: Prime Minister appoints new committee chairs

first_img a chair and four independent members are appointed by the Prime Minister, following open competition for a non-renewable, five year term of office three members are appointed on the recommendation of the leaders of the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats Lord Bew confirmed as Chair of House of Lords Appointments Commission Lord Evans of Weardale appointed Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden, welcomes both appointments and pays tribute to the work of Lord Bew’s predecessor Both roles were advertised on the Centre for Public Appointments website, which sets out further details of the appointments. The Minister also took the opportunity to thank Lord Bew’s predecessor, Lord Kakkar: Lord Bew has demonstrated his dedication to ensuring diversity in appointments in his post as Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life. I welcome his clear commitment to the principle that the membership of the House of Lords should better reflect the nation. The Commission’s Chair is appointed for a non-renewable, five-year term of office. More information about the Commission can be found on the House of Lords Appointments Commission website.Lord Evans of WeardaleLord Evans of Weardale is the new Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, to fill the position left vacant by Lord Bew. Lord Evans spent 33 years in the UK Security Service, six as Director General, when he was a senior advisor to the UK government on national security policy and a member of the Prime Minister’s National Security Council. Lord Evans was appointed as a crossbench peer for his contribution to public service in 2014.Minister Dowden also welcomed Lord Evans’ appointment: The Committee on Standards in Public Life is an advisory non-departmental public body. Its purpose is to examine areas of concern about the standards of conduct of public office holders, advise the Prime Minister accordingly, and to promote the highest standards of conduct in public life. More information about the Committee can be found on the Committee on Standards in Public Life GOV.UK page.The Committee has eight members:center_img Today (Thursday, 25 October), the Prime Minister has confirmed the appointments of Lord Bew as Chair of the House of Lords Appointments Commission and Lord Evans of Weardale as the Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.The appointments follow open recruitment exercises, including pre-appointment scrutiny by the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee.Lord BewLord Bew is the current Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Professor of Irish Politics at Queen’s University Belfast and former historical adviser to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. He was appointed as a crossbench peer in 2007 following his contributions to the Belfast Agreement.The Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden MP, welcomed Lord Bew’s appointment: The Committee on Standards in Public Life contributes to the maintenance of the diversity, integrity, and vibrancy of representative democracy in the UK. Lord Evans has demonstrated all the skills necessary for this sensitive post, including the highest integrity and an understanding of the issues of standards in public life. Lord Kakkar’s steady handling of the Commission has been vital to the continued integrity of the appointments process. His advice and approach have been hugely valued. The House of Lords Appointments Commission (HOLAC) has two main functions: to recommend individuals for appointment as non-party-political life peers to vet nominations for life peers, including those nominated by the UK political parties, to ensure the highest standards of proprietylast_img

Driven to Lead: Good, Bad, and Misguided Leadership

first_imgPaul Lawrence, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, offers an integrated explanation of both human behavior and leadership using a scientific approach — and Darwin, too! — to illustrate how good, bad, and misguided leadership are natural to the human condition.last_img

When tectonic plates began to shift

first_img From ancient flooding, modern insights Related An enduring question in geology involves the question of when the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust began pushing and pulling in a process that formed the planet’s continents, oceans, and other landforms. Some researchers theorize it happened about 4 billion years ago. Others say it was closer to 1 billion.Clues can be found in very old rocks. Looking at some, a team led by Harvard researchers show that these plates were moving at least 3.2 billion years ago on the early Earth.In a portion of the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, one of the oldest pieces of the Earth’s crust, scientists found a latitudinal drift of about 2.5 centimeters a year. They found the motion went back 3.2 billion years and confirmed it using a novel magnetic microscope.The researchers believe this shift is the earliest proof that modern-like plate motion happened between 2 and 4 billion years ago, suggesting that the plates pushed and pulled in ways unlike those seen earlier periods, when the Earth’s crust moved less. It adds to growing research that tectonic movement occurred on the early Earth and offers hints about the conditions under which the earliest forms of life developed.The work was published in Science Advances on Earth Day.“Basically, this is one piece of geological evidence to extend the record of plate tectonics on Earth further back in Earth history,” said Alec Brenner, one of the paper’s lead authors and a member Harvard’s Paleomagnetics Lab. “Based on the evidence we found, it looks like plate tectonics is a much more likely process to have occurred on the early Earth, and that argues for an Earth that looks a lot more similar to today’s than a lot of people think.”,Plate tectonics is key to the evolution of life and the development of the planet. Today, the Earth’s outer shell consists of about 15 shifting blocks of crust. On them sit the planet’s continents and oceans. As Earth formed, the plates drifted into each other and apart, exposing new rocks to the atmosphere, which led to chemical reactions that stabilized Earth’s surface temperature over billions of years. A stable climate is crucial to the evolution of life, and the study suggests that early forms of life came about in a more moderate environment.“We’re trying to understand the geophysical principles that drive the Earth,” said Roger Fu, one of the paper’s lead authors and an assistant professor of Earth and planetary sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “Plate tectonics cycles elements that are necessary for life into the Earth and out of it.”Plate tectonics helps planetary scientists understand worlds beyond this one, too.“Currently, Earth is the only known planetary body that has robustly established plate tectonics of any kind,” said Brenner, a third-year graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. “It really behooves us as we search for planets in other solar systems to understand the whole set of processes that led to plate tectonics on Earth and what driving forces transpired to initiate it. That hopefully would give us a sense of how easy it is for plate tectonics to happen on other worlds, especially given all the linkages between plate tectonics, the evolution of life, and the stabilization of climate.”For the study, members of the project traveled to the Pilbara Craton. A craton is a primordial, thick, and very stable piece of crust. They are usually found in the middle of tectonic plates and are the ancient hearts of the Earth’s continents, which makes them the natural place to go to study the early Earth. The Pilbara Craton stretches about 300 miles across, covering approximately the same area as the state of Pennsylvania.Fu and Brenner drilled into rocks from a portion called the Honeyeater Basalt and collected core samples about an inch wide in 2017. They brought them back to Fu’s lab in Cambridge and placed them into magnetometers and demagnetizing equipment. Certain minerals in rocks lock in the direction and intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time they are formed. That field shifts over time, so by examining layers, scientists glean evidence for a kind of timeline of when rocks were formed and when they shifted in the plates. These instruments told them the rock’s magnetic history — the most stable bit being when the rock formed, which was 3.2 billion years ago.,The team then used their data and data from other researchers, who have demagnetized rocks in nearby areas, to date when the rocks shifted from one point to another. They found a drift of 2.5 centimeters a year.Fu and Brenner’s work differs from most studies because the scientists focused on measuring the position of the rocks over time while other work tends to focus on chemical structures in the rocks that suggest tectonic movement.Researchers used the novel Quantum Diamond Microscope to confirm their findings. That read more

FBI: Pipe bombs at RNC, DNC were planted night before riot

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI says two pipe bombs left at the offices of the Republican and Democratic national committees, discovered just before thousands of pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, had actually been placed the night before. The FBI says the investigation revealed that the explosive devices had been placed outside the two buildings between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 5. The devices were not located by law enforcement until the next day. It is not clear whether that means the pipe bombs were unrelated to the next day’s riot or were part of the riot planning. Both buildings are within a few blocks of the Capitol.last_img

Seinfeld Creator Larry David Will Star on Broadway in Self-Penned Comedy Shiva

first_img David won a primetime Emmy Award for his Seinfeld episode “The Contest” in 1993. Seinfeld is currently the star of the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and the ninth season of David’s HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm is currently in the works. It is unclear if Seinfeld is still attached to the project. In January, David revealed that the play would “maybe” star Seinfeld, but that he could also be a potential producer or director. Larry David is one step closer to Broadway! As reported in January, the Seinfeld co-creator was working with Jerry Seinfeld on a play to hit the Great White Way. Now, Showbiz411 reports that the play, titled Shiva, is Broadway bound with David not only writing, but also starring. Scott Rudin will produce.center_img View Commentslast_img

Hint of muscadine

first_imgBy Dan RahnGeorgia Extension ServiceYou’re a true Southerner if when that first cool breeze hints ofan autumn still weeks away, your mouth starts watering formuscadine grapes.If that’s true for you, or even if you’re just beginning to lovethese uniquely Southern grapes, the season you’ve been waitingfor is here.”The harvest has started in south Georgia,” said Gerard Krewer, aUniversity of Georgia Extension Service horticulturist. “Growersare reporting a fair to good crop this year.”Georgia has about 1,200 acres of commercial muscadine vineyards,most for fresh-market grapes. Krewer figures at least twice thatmany grow in the state’s backyards.Long seasonMuscadines usually begin ripening in early August in extremesouth Georgia. The harvest then moves northward through the upperpiedmont area, where it ends in early October.”It’s a fairly long season,” he said. The sweet, mellow grapesgrow everywhere in the state except in the high mountains.The distinctive flavor of muscadines seems to hint of the yearsthey’ve had to mellow. People were enjoying these Deep Southnatives long before the first European settlers arrived.Over the years, UGA and other scientists have improved whatnature provided. “Muscadines today are bigger than a quarter,”Krewer said.They’re sweeter, too, he said, and come in a range of colors frombronze to red to purple to black. Many varieties have tender,edible skin that makes them prized as table grapes.Favorite varietiesAmong the bronzes, Fry, Summit and Tara are fresh-fruitfavorites. Scuppernong and Carlos are noted for their sweetdessert wines. Many others are wonderful in cider, wines,jellies, preserves and syrups.An important variety now, he said, is Supreme, a large, blackmuscadine. “Supreme is very popular with commercial growers,”Krewer said. “It’s become a standard in the industry.”Krewer cites studies that show muscadines are rich in dietaryfiber and important minerals, low in fat and protein and high incarbohydrates. They’re a better source of calcium, iron, zinc andmanganese than many other fruits.They also have significant levels of resveratrol, which lowerscholesterol and may greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, andellagic acid, which can lower the risk of colon, lung and livercancer.Muscadines are among the easiest-to-grow backyard fruits, Krewersaid. They’re best planted when the vines are dormant in latefall to early winter. Your county Extension Service agent cantell you how to grow them.(Dan Rahn is a news editor with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img

Race Ahead: 2014 Road Running Events

first_img18K Hogpen Hill ClimbUnicoi State Park, Ga., January 11When the words “hill” and “climb” are included in the name, you know it’s going to be a doozy of a race. This annual 18K takes place in the rolling hills of northeastern Georgia near Unicoi State Park. The first couple of miles are easy breezy downhill, but don’t let that fool you. The climb starts gradually at first before sharply increasing gradient in the last six miles for an overall elevation gain of 2,500 feet. Veteran hogs cite this race as one of the toughest road runs in Georgia but also one of the most accommodating. Digital timing, baggage check-in so you can have warm clothes at the finish, and organized shuttle buses for spectators make this a must-do for anyone trying to get an early start on those New Year’s resolutions. runthehogpen.orgFoot Levelers Blue Ridge MarathonRoanoke, Va., April 26When the Blue Ridge Marathon began in 2010, the course covered just 6,140 feet of elevation change. Now in its fourth year, this 26.2-miler covers a total of 7,430 feet of elevation change, thus justifying its title as America’s Toughest Road Marathon. The course follows some of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but racers will also find themselves weaving through Mill Mountain, Peakwood, and up to Roanoke Mountain. If this stout marathon is too big of a bite, try the half or new 10K route. blueridgemarathon.comBearwallow Beast 5KGerton, N.C., May 4It was only a few years ago when Bearwallow Mountain was in danger of being lost to development and the prospect of public access, let alone a public trail system, seemed like a far-fetched dream. But with the conservation efforts of Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and the Barnwell family, Bearwallow Mountain and the 165 acres surrounding its grassy knob are entirely protected and open to the public. This 5K celebrates that achievement and embraces hard work and persistence. The course is defined by a beast of a climb – over 1,400 feet – to the summit and incorporates asphalt, forest service roads, and singletrack. bearwallowbeast.comHatfield-McCoy Marathon and HalfWilliamson, W.Va., June 14A race named after a legendary 19th century family feud is sure to make for an interesting event. The Hatfields and the McCoys were two families who lived along the Big Sandy River near the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. Their relationship was fraught with violence, murder, revenge, and even intermarriage, resulting in a complex mess of family loyalties and social allies. Although seven of the Hatfields would eventually be sentenced to life in prison and another Hatfield sentenced to death, the family feud would continue for generations. To race in either the marathon or half, you’ll have to take a side. Since the event’s debut in 2000, the Hatfields are up 8 to 6. Choose wisely.  hatfieldmccoymarathon.comBlue Ridge RelayVirginia / North Carolina, September 5-627,000 feet of elevation change. 208 miles. 36 legs. 4-12 team members. 12 hours. 2 vans. And you’re off. The Blue Ridge Relay is truly a one-of-a-kind race, starting at Grayson Highlands State Park near the base of Virginia’s highest peak, Mount Rogers, and winding its way toward Asheville, N.C. From the New River to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain, and Mount Mitchell, if you’re looking for a team building experience that will push your limits while highlighting some of the region’s most iconic attractions, the Blue Ridge Relay will be right up your alley. blueridgerelay.comBest of the RestOskar Blues 4 MilerBrevard, N.C., March 15 • pisgahrunning.comCooper River Bridge Run 10KCharleston, S.C., April 5 • bridgerun.comCharlottesville MarathonCharlottesville, Va., April 5. • charlottesvillemarathon.comCredit Union Cherry Blossom Ten MilerWashington, D.C., April 6 • cherryblossom.orgCharlotte RaceFest Half MarathonCharlotte, N.C., April 12 • charlotteracefest.comDismal Swamp Stomp Half MarathonChesapeake, Va., April 12 • dismalswampstomp.comThe Bear 5-Mile RunLinville, N.C., July • hopeformarrow.orgPeachtree Road Race 10KAtlanta, Ga., July 4 • peachtreeroadrace.orgParkersburg News & Sentinel Half MarathonParkersburg, W.Va., August • halfmarathons.netAsheville City Marathon & Half MarathonAsheville, N.C., September 27 • blogs2.citizen-times.comTucker Foundation Run For It 5KDavis, W.Va., September 28 • tuckerfoundation.netThe Genworth Virginia 10 MilerLynchburg, Va., September 28 • virginiatenmiler.comRace 13.1Winston-Salem, N.C., October 12 • 5K, 13.1M, 26.2Greensboro, N.C., October 18 • greensboromarathon.comBaltimore MarathonBaltimore, Md., October 18 • thebaltimoremarathon.comAnthem Richmond MarathonRichmond, Va., November 15 • richmondmarathon.com_______________Check Out Our Other Race Ahead GuidesTrail RunningRoad RunningRoad BikingMountain BikingClimbingPaddlingMultisportsSnowsportslast_img

5 strong reasons to explore the backwoods of Virginia this fall

first_imgPicturesque and inviting with more than 300 miles of trails, welcome to a true Blue Ridge Mountain escape. Whether you’re an advanced hiker or just want to get out for a country stroll, Peaks of Otter Lodge has some amazing scenic hiking trails to explore. #4 Authentic, bluegrass dining Did you know that Thomas Jefferson is regarded as the father of Virginia wine? The proof is in the countless vineyards that call the state home. Be there on Saturday, November 16, from 11 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. for the lively Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival, which honors this founding father while raising funds for the preservation of Jefferson’s Bedford County retreat. #5 Comfortable accommodations in a country escape #3 The night skies here? Out of this world. Plan your autumn getaway today at Find yourself here. Photo taken by Greg Redfern When you’re this far out in the country, every night presents magical stargazing opportunities. Here, you’re far from the artificial light of cities that obscures the natural night sky. Make plans to attend on Saturday, November 9, when NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern shares insights on the space agency’s evolution on the Hubble Space Telescope. Fall for Peaks’ inspiring beauty and quiet serenity from your private balcony or patio overlooking charming Abbott Lake. Most rooms feature two double beds, but rooms with one king bed are available. Traveling with a pet? We have pet-friendly accommodations as well. #2 Your connection to the AppalachianTrail Peaks doesn’t have cell reception, but that’s okay. We’re proud to give you so many more delicious ways to truly connect with your friends and family. Unplug from the outside world for a while and rediscover the peaceful tranquility of Peaks. You’ll enjoy the scenic views from our full-service dining room or lounge. Besides, Candy Crush isn’t going anywhere.  #1 Cheers to the Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival  At Peaks of Otter Lodge, the unmatched beauty of the season is all around you. Enjoy the solitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains with your loved ones and make this fall your best one yet. last_img

What it means to truly L.E.A.D. (Part 2)

first_imgLast week, I provided a list of things that a person should be doing in order to truly L.E.A.D. Here is Part 2 using the same acronym (L.E.A.D.)Listen. True leaders are always listening. They know how important it is to keep an open ear to the members of their teams. Furthermore, they know HOW to listen properly – they realize that most times, it’s wiser to not actually say too much. Great leaders know how to read body language and also read between the lines by analyzing both verbal and non-verbal communication. In order to be a great leader, you have to become an expert at listening.Encourage and Empower. True leaders know how to encourage and empower their team members. They are keenly aware that their team members have ambitions, goals, dreams, and aspirations of their own. They are not threatened by these things. Rather, they find ways to relate to and support them. You must learn to encourage your teams to get better if you want to be an effective leader.  Team members should also be empowered to make decisions on their own.  Leaders must work to cultivate trust and confidence between themselves and their direct reports.  Leaders must empower their teams to get the job done. continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Wegmans makes switch from plastic to reusable bags

first_img“I walk up the stairs and they fall out, I don’t have a big income to begin with. Then, all my glass stuff is all over, so I have to lean up, and I’m out until the next pay day,” said Jane Carley, a resident of Binghamton. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — After New York State moved to ban single-use plastics by March 1, Wegmans is getting ahead by getting rid of plastic bags, and making the switch to reusable and paper bags. For some customers, a sturdy reusable bag will be a nice change to thin, flimsy, single-use bags. “We know that plastic is ending up in the ocean, and we know that it’s killing animals in the sea. We know that it’s not going away any time soon, but we don’t need to make it worse,” said Ellis. Reusable bags at Wegmans will now cost 99 cents, but if you forget your bag at home, they will also have paper bags for five cents each. For shoppers, making the change hasn’t been too hard. center_img While there will be associated costs with the change, customers say it’s worth getting rid of the plastic to help the environment. “You may as well buy it once, keep using it, you can use it for years,” said KC Ellis, a local resident and longtime user of reusable bags. Proceeds from purchasing paper bags will benefit the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.last_img