How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 uncensored in India

first_imgGame of ThronesGame of Thrones Official YoutubeGame of Thrones fans from India is going crazy as there are only a couple of days left for season 8 episode 1 to air online. As the excitement roars, fans are wondering where they will get to see all the episodes of Game of Thrones uncensored. Well, there are several platforms and today we are going to discuss the ways you can watch Game of Thrones season 8.For the starters, there is always a way to illegally download the content. But as a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, I will not recommend anyone to go through this way. Piracy is a crime and we should all come together to avoid this at any cost. There are hundreds of hours and millions of dollars invested in the products and it does not make it worth if we simply go online and watch it illegally. So, please say no to piracy and use all the legitimate mediums to watch this season 8 of Game of Thrones.The eight and final season of Game of Thrones is going to air in India on April 15,6:30 a.m. (IST) on several different streaming platforms. Like every year, Hotstar Premium members will get to access all the episodes at a very low cost. Game of Thrones season 8 Arya Stark and Jaime LannisterGame of Thrones (Helen: Sloan/HBO)/FacebookGame of Thrones is full of adult content. There are several dialogues which are not suitable for a young audience. At the same time, the sex scenes and the battle sequences sometimes make us cringe. We still have not forgotten Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame. So, there are have been several concerns among the viewers that we don’t get to see the uncensored content of Game of Thrones in India. But as it has turned out, these digital platforms do not censor the content as we get to see them as they were intended. There are no filters whatsoever.Lastly, if you are living in the United States or other countries, then you can simply tune into HBO to stream the very first episode of Game of Thrones season 8. In the United States, season 8 will air at 9 p.m. (EST).There is a lot riding on this season and we have come up with several amazing theories on episode 1. You can check out the theory of Arya Stark’s death here and how Jon Snow will marry Cersei Lannister by clicking here.last_img

People pay final tributes to Golam Sarwar

first_imgPeople pay final tributes to the dainik Samakl editor Golam Sarwar. Photo: UNBPeople from all walks of life paid their final tributes to vernacular daily Samakal editor Golam Sarwar, who died at a Singapore hospital on Monday night, at Central Shaheed Minar in the city on Thursday.The body of the veteran journalist Sarwar, also the president of Editors’ Council, was taken to the Shaheed Minar around 10:00am and was kept there until 12:30pm, reports UNB.From the Shaheed Minar, Sarwar’s body was taken to the Jatiya Press Club where journalists paid their tributes to him before his last janaza there after Zohr prayers.The mortal remains of the senior journalist will be buried at Mirpur Martyred Intellectuals’ Graveyard after Asr prayers today, Thursday.Earlier, his body was taken to his workplace at Tejgaon Industrial area around 9:00am where his colleagues paid last respects to their late editor and his third namaz-e-janaza was held at the field of Bangladesh University of Textiles adjacent to Samakal office.Sarwar breathed his last around 9:25pm (Bangladesh time) on Monday while undergoing treatment at Singapore General Hospital.He was 75.last_img

Houston School Board Elects Diana Dávila As President

first_imgLaura IsenseeThe HISD board of trustees elected new officers for 2019: Secretary Sergio Lira; Second Vice President Elizabeth Santos; President Diana Dávila; First Vice President Holly Vilaseca; and Assistant Secretary Sue Deigaard.The Houston School Board has new officers to set the tone and direction of the group. On Thursday, Trustee Diana Dávila was elected as president, which means she can set the agenda.As she accepted the gavel at Thursday’s meeting, Dávila alluded to the district’s challenges and criticism of the board.“You’re right there have been choppy waters, I’m going on my sixteenth year and there have always been choppy waters, there are always sharks in the water,” she said.Dávila previously served on the HISD board of trustees from 2003 to 2010. A former teacher, Dávila was reelected in 2015.The slate of new officers reflected the racial divide on the board: The four top spots all went to the board’s Latino members. None of the board’s black trustees were nominated, though they’ve all held leadership positions in the past few years. The school board is also moving forward with hiring an executive coach, so members can better lead the state’s largest school district. For months, the Houston school board has been criticized for their behavior. And this month, Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that their leadership is a joke.One candidate is the state’s deputy education commissioner. Some parents like Karina Quesada De Leon spoke against that idea, since HISD faces the threat of a state takeover.“Whatever problems you have now will only be made worse. And this will certainly not benefit our most neglected students. Don’t shoot yourselves in the shoot and invite him into your house — you will live to regret it,” Quesada De Leon said.The board plans to consider candidates and make a final selection in February. Kay Douglas, a consultant with the Texas Association of School Boards, offered her services at the board’s meeting.“I would like to work with you collectively, but also individually, to deal with you as the competent professionals that you are and to stand beside you,” Douglas said. Sharelast_img

Improve HR Efficiency With These 5 Enterprise Tools

first_img Listen Now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read How Success Happens June 26, 2015 Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has consistently opened up new doors for businesses around the globe. We are now living at a point in time where finance, logistics, customer relationships and human resources are all tied into a simple platform.Related: A New Wave of HR Technology Is Disrupting the MarketThat platform extrapolates all related data and organizes it in a way that lets each department make decisions that play well into a number of particular strategies. Though ERP has all these intriguing applications, let’s narrow our focus here to human resources.By using the latest technology in human capital management (HCM, a component of ERP), organizations can plan and execute strategies that can raise productivity through proper “management” of employees, if ever such a thing were imaginable.By coming as close as possible to quantifying the amount of knowledge, talent, experience, training and skill an employee has, ERP makes it easier to more expertly assign roles and responsibilities to the right people and make better hiring decisions to fill these areas’ gaps.Now that you have an idea of ERP’s relevance and significance on the human resources scene, next consider the five major tools that help implement and apply HCM.1. Microsoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft’s tradition of acquiring other companies for their intellectual property led to its acquisition of Dynamics AX. Originally known as “Axapta,” Dynamics AX has added many different modules on top of the software that allows it to function in almost any mid-market-to-large-tier business setting. Human resources was among the core functionalities found in Axapta 2.5 (the last version of the software) that it has kept and improved drastically.As part of the software, you get an interface that allows you to quickly sift through employment histories, medical information, certificates, courses and equipment on loan. Employees can also “self-service” by registering for courses and tracking their own performance.2. Workday HCMThere are many companies out there operating on tight margins and massive overhead within their supply chains. But wherever there exists little room for improvement, the talent behind the operation makes all the difference. Any firm working in the consumer products segment knows that trimming inefficiency in its workforce is probably the only way to squeeze out a bit more productivity when there is no other solution in sight.Workday’s HCM software makes the effort of sorting out workforce issues much easier, with its human resources-oriented ERP package. Workday offers platforms for talent management, recruiting, payroll, time management and workforce planning, with complete metrics.Related: 4 Technologies That Free HR to Work With People Instead of Just Their Paperwork3. Epicor HCMEpicor’s platform takes employee management to a level that seems to take the pages of an HR handbook and say, “Let’s plop some software on it to make it simpler.” Employees can request time off, manage their own goals and maintain competency profiles. Employers can track absences and hours worked and modify policies and budget from a single interface.4. Infor HCMFor those operating within the United States and Canada, Infor offers a suite of applications that not only provides effective payroll management, scheduling and more complex HR solutions, but also ensures compliance with a variety of regulations, including those governing tips.Enterprises operating outside these countries can benefit from a global HR module that comes with the added benefit of implementation through either a managed services infrastructure (for those who wish to forego the added cost of having a dedicated IT staff) or the decision to run Amazon’s EC2 under an IaaS.5. SAP HCM with Panaya’s AutomationThere can be no discussion about ERP without mentioning SAP, the mothership of ERPs that all other platforms secretly admire. According to that company’s benchmarks, its HR solutions result in an average 32 percent reduction of employees while increasing revenue per worker by up to 20 percent. In addition to providing all of the workforce planning, talent management, task management and payroll software that a company needs to empower its employees, SAP’s upgrade process is fully automated.Enterprise automation solutions like the one Panaya offers for SAP testing make it much easier to change the structure of the system without running the risk of breaking the platform. In a way, it is the cruise control of ERP maintenance, and a must-have for businesses that need the most up-to-date read more