River Valley Tech Center works with Okemo

first_imgIt takes a carefully crafted team of more than 1,200employees to keep the resort operations at Okemo Mountain running smoothly12 months out of the year. A dedicated workforce of professionals who areexperts in their fields fill a variety of positions that include indoorsand outdoors, full-time and part-time.Okemo’s Vermont student workforce is an integral part of the overall operation. But, when the local school systems do not share the sameholiday vacation week as the rest of the eastern states, Okemo’s HumanResources team “kicks into action” to fill those much-needed positions.Remo Paul, Co-op Coordinator at the River Valley Technical Centerworked closely with Crystal Stokarski, Okemo’s Director of Human Resourcesto develop a program where students could work in a number of servicerelated positions at Okemo and gain experience while on the job. Theseexperiences were directly linked to their course of study at the RiverValley Technical Center.”This was truly a win-win situation for everyone,” commented RemoPaul. “Our Technical Center students were able to receive credit fortheir work-based experience in the resort industry, and we were able toassist Okemo during their busy season.”For Okemo, it’s all about exceeding guest expectations. This is doneby hiring staff members with a positive, professional, guest orientedattitude. Students from the Business, Human Services and Culinary Programsat the River Valley Technical Center worked closely with Okemo supervisorsto provide the best possible experience for visiting guests. Studentslearned that the development and delivery of the product stimulates apersonal sense of pride and fulfillment in being a part of a successfulbusiness.”The vacation week was a tremendous success from both the student’sand Okemo’s perspective,” commented Crystal Stokarski. “Some studentsplan to return to Okemo to work during their holiday break continuingtheir work-based learning experience.”last_img

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