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Tenn.”The number has become a shorthand for one of her main arguments against her Democratic opponent,On Tuesday evening,the results of the study were present be presented to city councilNo decisions will be made tonight but they hope the study could ease some of the residents’ fears about the cell tower’s impact on property values"In the studies that they’ve researched and what they’ve found is that having the high speed internet connection can actually raise property values” said East Grand Forks City Administrator David MurphyTo view the studyclick here to check it outThe PC industry is in crisis and it’s our fault We used to use our home computers for everything from checking email to surfing the web to listening to music Now we’re doing that with our smartphones tablets and even voice-controlled Internet-connected speakers These shifts in consumer behavior have thrown the PC market into free fall Global shipments dropped 39% year-over-year this past quarter according to research firm IDC Computer makers like Lenovo and HP have responded by trying to make their PCs more like tablets Their two-in-one “hybrid” devices can work as both a desktop and a tablet powered by Microsoft’s touchscreen-friendly Windows 10 There’s evidence the market for these hybrids is is growing But that hasn’t been enough to stop the bleeding “The total available market for shipping PCs into the home is getting smaller and smaller” says IDC analyst Linn Huang Even in this grim environment Apple and rival Microsoft aren’t giving up on PCs Both companies this week unveiled new computers that taken together offer a glimpse of what the future holds for desktops and laptops With Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop the standout feature is a touchscreen strip called the Touch Bar It offers different functionality depending on what app the user has open Launch iTunes and you’ll see playback controls Switch to Safari and you’ll see a list of your open tabs The Touch Bar also packs Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner enabling mobile payments and lightning-fast switching between user accounts Microsoft’s new Surface Studio meanwhile is a behemoth desktop with a built-in hinge that allows it to lie nearly flat When combined with the firm’s Surface Pen stylus and new Surface Dial control input the Studio offers an experience more akin to using a drawing desk or an easel than a computer It’s a bold effort for what is believe it or not the four-decade-old firm’s first desktop computer Taken together Apple’s new MacBook Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Studio are an acknowledgement of a reality facing PC vendors: Desktops and laptops are increasingly becoming more useful as professional tools than consumer gadgets That explains the flashy new features: You and I probably don’t need a desktop that folds down to a 20-degree angle but an architect or graphic artist might It also justifies their sky-high cost The MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar start at $1799 while the Surface Studio will set you back at least $2999 Those price tags are tough for an everyday user to justify but professionals might see the machines as an investment if they’re making money by using them Indeed while unveiling the new MacBook Pro Apple pitched its Touch Bar as a boon for video and photo editors DJs artists and other creatives Microsoft’s Surface Studio reveal meanwhile was crafted to pitch the computer and Dial accessory as a content creators’ dream Meanwhile if you’re a student writing a term paper or a parent uploading pictures to Facebook you’re probably fine with a tablet or hybrid like an iPad or Surface Pro or an inexpensive computer like a Chromebook To be sure there are other computer makers out there offering mid-range desktops and laptops mostly running Windows But Apple and Microsoft at least appear convinced that the PC is for professionals and speedier processors sharper screens and better keyboards alone aren’t enough to entice them to buy new computers (The situation is different for office workers says IDC’s Huang who will be long tied to the PC) All this is important because of Apple and Microsoft’s stature in the technology world Apple has long been a trendsetter in PCs the first MacBook Air was a revelation heralding the age of the ultrabook Microsoft is a comparatively new player in hardware but its bold efforts like the Surface Book are attracting well-deserved attention That said neither company makes much of their money from desktops and laptops and that isn’t likely to change But the computers these two firms produce could very well set the tone for the PCs of the future That being true expect plenty more high-powered feature-packed very expensive machines The rest of us meanwhile will keep on swiping at our smartphones Contact us at editors@timecomPhysicians who are treating patients with the Ebola virus at Emory University Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center shared their advice and protocols with worried hospitals and health care providers over a phone conference on Tuesday Whether the conference really quelled these fears however was not exactly clear The intent of the conference which was organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was to answer health care questions related to admitting and treating a patient with Ebola There’s growing concern among health officials that hospitals without specialized isolation units and with little experience treating serious communicable diseases may not be fully prepared to treat the disease “We dont want to have to face another person or family that ends up getting infected because we are not as good as we should be in treating patients” Karen Higgins co-president of National Nurses United (NNU) told TIME “Every clinic in the United States needs to be prepared to manage a patient who has just returned from an Ebola-affected country and has fever” said Dr Alexander Isakov the director of prehospital and disaster medicine at Emory That’s become increasingly clear since Thomas Duncan walked into a Dallas hospital with the disease having traveled from Liberia only to be turned away initially The hospital wasn’t able to save the patient after he was eventually admitted and a nurse who helped treat him has since become infected Emory on the other hand has successfully treated missionaries Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol and is currently treating an unnamed patient No one on their medical team has become ill Nebraska has successfully treated Dr Richard A Sacra and is currently treating NBC freelancer Ashoka Mukpo who appears to be recovering But here’s the thing Emory for one has been preparing for a situation like this for a decade drilling all their processes multiple times a year And their procedures are unique If they’re transferring an Ebola patient they use a specially equipped ambulance that’s completely protected and then sanitized meticulously The patient is moved into a specialized isolation center where they are treated with doctors who are incredibly well-versed in infectious diseases “Because the [patients] are so ill we only use intensive care nurses” said Dr Ribner the head of Emory’s serious communicable disease unit “Some of our patients have gone on to require dialysis or ventilation on a respirator and these are skills that really floor nurses are not confident to do” The team uses full-body protection because its nurses may be in the room with a patient for three to four hours a day and they are dealing with patients with a lot of vomit and diarrhea They’ve created a lab within their unit so that no Ebola-contaminated specimens could spill and cause a contamination “disaster” All of their waste garments sheets etc are autoclaved on sitea process that uses a pressure chamber to sterilize equipment Nebraska has a similar set-up They also autoclave their waste use a hospital-grade disinfectant that’s poured into the toilet for 10 minutes prior to flushing and have a video-conferencing system that patients use to talk to their family members They even have a specific individual on staff to go about securing experimental drugs It’s plain to see why patients with Ebola in countries like Liberia have been evacuated to these two hospitals But for hospitals without these kinds of resources that is the vast majority of themthe lessons bear little relevance “I really appreciate this helpful information but practically speaking I think what you just described would probably bankrupt our hospital” said a health care professional from Southern California during the call “Should we try to duplicate some kind of containment unit in order to adequately take care of the patients but also protect our staff” Both Emory and Nebraska agreed that they think any hospital could take in a patient with Ebolafrankly they have to be prepared to And that the most important thing is to develop a way to identify and quickly isolate a patient with Ebola within their facility Missing symptoms or travel history is not acceptable Dr Isakov even suggested that perhaps communities prepare by identifying which hospitals had the resources to successfully treat patients and perhaps set up a transfer system “It may be that a community prepares so that every hospital be able to screen for these patients initially manage these patients…and communities may choose one or two out of 30 hospitals that are best prepared to manage a patient should they become critically ill” he suggested To that an unidentified conference caller who may not have realized her phone was not muted said exasperatedly: “Who is going to volunteer Without any money Nobody" That brought the conference to a quick close Contact us at editors@timecom

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