Xining mayor fully affirmed the evening job publicity

this year, the number of college graduates hit most of the calendar year, the employment pressure is unprecedented, in order to help college students employment principle, the Xining evening news and vigorously promote employment and entrepreneurship policy, to promote the employment of university students to create a good atmosphere, the evening news propaganda work has […]

Xiguan hand lantern lantern festival celebration

Spring Festival, Lantern Festival is approaching, making their own lanterns, hanging in the bustling streets, is a good experience. From now on, West District West Main Street office on the collection of handmade lanterns to you. for the Lantern Festival activities rich in content, improve public participation, interaction and experience, the west area of West […]

She served as FIRST film exhibition review

Recently, the famous contemporary writer Yan Geling confirmed to become the ninth Xining FIRST Youth Film Exhibition professional review. Yan Geling said, is looking forward to see the new youth film in the FIRST platform and in June to go to Xining to see the film, the trial. Yan Geling is regarded as one of […]

Residents of the province Medicare commissioned commercial insurance agencies to participate in the

recently, the provincial human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, Department of health and Family Planning Commission, Chinese China Insurance Regulatory Commission Qinghai Bureau issued a "Qinghai province urban and rural residents basic medical insurance by the commercial insurance agencies involved in handling service plan", marks the province’s urban and rural residents […]

West District joint prevention and control of strong environmental protection

to do a good job pollution of dust, improve air quality, the west area of the initiative to declare war on pollution, and actively carry out the comprehensive management of air pollution, to crack down on environmental violations, effectively improve the regional environmental quality. for coal gas remediation work, Chengxi district environmental protection departments in-depth […]

Xining City Health Bureau to carry out traditional Chinese medicine services into the countryside, i

September 11th, Municipal Health Bureau, city, district and county medical and health supervision, the CDC and other 30 institutions, 92 professional and technical personnel, into 13 communities, township (town) village to carry out the main content in Chinese medicine services into the rural areas, communities and families of the clinic, publicity and consultation activities, the […]